Re-imagining Banking Devering tomorrow’s technology in Today’s world.

What if you can be where your customers are? A branchless banking solution that runs out of a mobile device or tablet, Bank-Genie allows customers to perform a wide range of retail transactions, account opening and loan originations without visiting a branch.

Key Functionality

Functional Modules 

  • Account Opening
  • Withdrawals
  • Bank Transfers
  • Bill Payments
  • Airtime Loading
  • Loan Applications
  • Group Loans
  • Card Activation 
  • E-KYC 
  • Cash Deposits 
  • Remittances 
  • Insurance 
  • Balance Inquiries 
  • Loan Collections 
  • Cash Advances 
  • PIN Changes 

Administration Modules

  • On boarding, and Management of Agents
  • Tracking/Geo-fencing of agent
  • Float Management
  • Commissions Management
  • User Report
  • Transaction Report
  • Graphical Analysis
  • Performance Report

Key Features

  • Card Acceptance
  • Real-Time Transaction
  • Encrypted Data-Transfer
  • Database Agnostic
  • Android App
  • Biometrics
  • GEO Location
  • RFID Cards
  • Low Bandwidth
  • All Form Factors
  • Highly Secured
  • Customizable
  • Integration with all CBS
  • Receipts / SMS Confirmation
  • KYC Doc scanning

Benefits of Branchless Banking

Grow Your Presence
Reach into the ‘last mile’ by providing agent assisted banking and door-step services closer to your customers.

Acquire New Customers
Easy customer onboarding with eKYC, photo and digital data capture of new account applicants.

Low Cost
Roll out and deploy agent networks at greater speed and lower operational cost than a traditional brick and mortar branch.

Banking Services at your door step
Transaction banking at the convenience of the customer.

Greater Customer Convenience
Provide multi touch points for the customer experience and convenience especially in suburban and rural areas where branches and ATMs are few and far between.

Acquire New Customers
Easy customer onboarding with eKYC, photo and digital data capture of new account applicants.

Offer more products and services
Capture loan applications or car insurance in the field, allow for easier payments, loan repayments at trusted agents.

Reliable and Secure
Reliable agent banking with point-to-point encryption to safe guard all transactions.

Democratizing Financial Services.


Harmonizing Customer Engagement

Genie-Teller provides operational efficiency and staff productivity to improve customer experience and service levels at the branch.



Key Functionality


Account Transfers


Transactional Analysis


Check account balance


Withdraw cash based on desired denominations


Receive printed, emailed or text transaction receipts


Stop Hold Transactions


Bill Payment



Key Benefits


Improves branch efficiency and optimizes staff productivity

  • Paperless workflow may be instituted through the use of mobile devices
  • Self-service transaction booking avoids duplication of work by teller
  • Spend more time on cross-selling

Improves Customer Experience

  • Pre-book transactions and appointments without even entering a branch
  • Guides customers to the nearest or least crowded branch

Improves Customer Service Levels

  • Customer waiting time as per transaction timings are reduced


Key Features


Easy Registration

Quick and easy onboarding process through clearly defined KYC workflow helps financial institution easily increase its customer base. The solution allows for existing customers to seamlessly integrate to the wallet simplifying the on boarding experience. New customers need only provide miimal details such as First Name, Last Name, DOB and Government Identification or Passport details to open the account.

Wallet Administration

The wallet allows the customer to manage and update customer details, change password, create favorites payment and create nicknames for wallet accounts. Customers can view and check detailed and mini-statements.

Easy Payments and Funds Transfer

Genie Wallet offers on-the-go payment within the Financial Institution’s eco-system funding their wallets via linked bank account or credit card through a payment gateway.

Through NFC-based payment, RFID, QR code or OTP based transactions, customers are able to perform an host of payment types such Utility Bills, Merchant Payment, Mobile Top-ups, Movie or Travel Bookings.

Customers may transfer funds through wallet to wallet or wallet to bank account transfers and even wallet to phone number to registered beneficiaries.

Through the Pool facility, customers are able to split bills for payment or set target goals to be collected by a specified time from a group of people.


Simple, fast, feature-rich, secure and intuitive with frictionless user experience


Business Benefits


Build Customer Engagement

Through easy payment options and experience, loyalty programs and promotional offers


Extend Distribution and Reach

Providing financial services in the palm of your hand


Great Customer Insights

Transactional details and usage patterns offers cross selling opportunities


Increase Market Share

By introducing new product varients and quick onboardig workflow


Unlock New Revenue Potential

Through partnering potential unlocks new transactional fees and charges


It's so easy... tap, scan, pay with Genie Wallet for fast convenient payment options


Empowering Your Clients

Chat bots are giving organisations the ability to engage their customers in the right place, at the right time, with the right information in a cost-effective manner.


5 Ways Using These Bots

  • Easier initial customer contact and maintenance of ongoing relationship
  • Provide quality experience in the form of quick responses that customers seek
  • Personalized digital guidance reduces confusion there by reducing training time
  • Gives customers the impression of well-in-formed agents who understand their needs
  • Automated suggestions save valuable agent time

Customer Support

  • Forgot Password
  • Account Queries
  • Branch Details
  • Product Queries
  • Rewards
  • SEO optimized

Personal Financial Management

  • Balances
  • Investments
  • Loans/Cards
  • Analysis
  • Goals/Budgets
  • Payments

Moving towards frictionless banking?

Enhance the customer engagement, improve service levels, build customer satisfaction and loyalty through instant and accurate responses, stress-free customer journeys and simplified engagement process.

Why Chatbots?

Customer Preference - Natural Interface
Texting has continued to be a staple of mobile communication and consumers, especially younger age groups are rapidly switching their attention to messaging platforms.

Better Use of Human Capital
Intelligent AI chatbots harness the power of human conversation and have the potential to replace the tasks of humans to a large extent to enhance the expertise and impact of the organization.

Cost Saving
Chatbots are helping companies improve first contact resolution as well as deflect customer interactions from higher cost channels.