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TPS717 Overview Features Specification TPS717 Self-service Check-in Kiosk Machine Today’s travellers’ preferences are dominated by mixing the best of traditional and digital experiences. Give them what they expect and make their first, or last, impressions last. Telpo TPS717 is an Android smart self-service check-in kiosk with a sleek design and digital touchable interface. It is […]


TPS720 Overview Features Specification TPS720 Retail Store Self Checkout Kiosk Machine Customers may slow progress in adopting new technology, most people have been accustomed to see and use this technology in their favorite stores. Today, shoppers and shopkeepers are aware of the many benefits of self-checkout kiosk. In this trend, Telpo launched a series of […]


TPS700 Overview Features Specification TPS700 Touch Screen Android Self Service Ordering Kiosk Machine Did You Know 66% of Consumers prefer Self-service Ordering Technology ? Give Your Guests Control over Their Restaurant Experience with the Choice to Order at a Self-order Kiosk Telpo TPS700 is a self-service ordering kiosk machine with the powerful feature. The kiosk can detect customers, […]


TPS618 Overview Features Connectivity Specification TPS618 Touch Screen Self Service Ticketing Kiosk Machine Featured by a 19-inch color touch screen, TPS618 is a cost-effective Kiosk Machine with a fingerprint, printer, and NFC functionality. It is made from cold-roll Steel Sheets, which ensures the stability and rigidity of all structure. Modern Kiosks terminal is developed specifically for multiple […]