Thin Solution Systems



Face Recognition Device

Telpo Android OS face recognition machines have good compatibility and extensibility. The face identification and recognition device can be applied to the access control, security control, attendance, etc.

Biometric Device

Biometrics include a wide variety of modalities, including fingerprinting, iris recognition and face recognition, etc. By deploying multimodal biometric systems, Telpo biometric solutions increase accuracy, reduce criminal access, and save time.

Self-service Kiosk

Telpo could provide several of kiosk machine which is popular among the retailer, hotel, hospital and service provide. With barcode scanning or printing function, Telpo also could do the ODM service based on these kiosk machines, which would definitely meet your requirement.

Cash Register

As the Smart Cash Registers providers, ECRs of Telpo are simple but powerful for retailers and restaurants.

Bus Validator

Telpo Bus Validator can supply NFC readers and mobile phone QR code recognizers for automatic bus fares collection. At the same time, a fare box can also be provided.

Telpo Cloud

a SaaS system developing by Telpo, contains with Telpo MDM(Mobile Device Management) and Telpo FACE.