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Userful Video Wall

Userful Video Wall

ระบบ Video Wall ที่ประหยัดสุดๆ ด้วยเทคโนโลยี HDMI over LAN คุณสามารถสร้างความประทับใจให้กับหน้าร้านหรือออฟฟิศด้วย Userful Video Wall 


Video Walls and Digital Displays The Visual Networking Platform for Your Enterprise

Userful centrally manages not only the displays and video walls throughout an enterprise but also the content and applications that are deployed on them.

One so ware based pla orm that meets the flexibility, security and central management needs of corporate IT as they integrate complex AV applications over the IP network. Any source to any display, anywhere, any me in real-time.



On-Premise or Cloud Based Solutions

Userful On-Premise uses a single on-site server to connect to displays and video walls over the network. Userful Cloud moves that on-site server into the cloud and connects directly to displays with no on-site hardware needed at all. Because both solutions use the same management tools, customers can also deploy a hybrid solution using a mix of on-premise and cloud configurations.

How Userful Work



Video with Endless Possibilities

Designed for the enterprise, Userful enables organizations to leverage video content for many applications:


Control Rooms & NOC

Monitor operations and mission critical activities from multiple inputs, display key data including desktops, video and streaming information for effective, fast decision making.


Digital Signage & Corporation Communication

Advertising, promotions and information displayed to customers in retail, malls, billboards or smart cities. Corporate messaging for internal employees or visiting customer/partners.


KPI Dashboards and Data Visualization

Executives and employees require aggregated, single-screen access to operational, marketing and sales data, as well as personnel.

Userful Visual Networking Platform


Office Collaboration

Powerful meeting rooms are important tools for collaboration in corporations, whether for meetings between offices/branches and externally with customers/partners.

Userful Visual Networking Platform




Central Management

Easily deploy and manage all your visual display applications over IP across multiple sites. Upload content and schedule changes through the cloud.


Reduced TCO

Userful dramatically lowers hardware costs and reduces ongoing support and maintenance burden.


Userful Visual Networking Platform


Scale to thousands of displays from virtually unlimited sources on a single platform that supports all visual display application requirements.


Userful Visual Networking PlatformSecurity

Standards based hardware and so ware provides industry leading security.



Key Features

Userful Visual Networking Platform

High Availability

For On-Premise deployments, automatic server failover provides redundancy to ensure continuous system availability. Cloud based deployments require no on-site hardware.


Userful Visual Networking PlatformLight CMS Built In

Centrally manage content and schedule content and layout changes across all video walls and displays.




Userful Visual Networking PlatformREST API

Programmatically interact with Userful and integrate with third-party devices—like motion sensor detectors, etc.



Userful Visual Networking PlatformUnlimited Sources

Static, interactive and real me content delivered simultaneously.




Share desktops via the network, capture HDMI sources and control your video walls and displays remotely.



Userful Visual Networking PlatformReal Time Control

Display multiple simultaneous content sources. Drag, drop and resize content in real-time via browser-based GUI.




Why Userful

Userful has deployed over 1 million screens using it’s Visual Networking Platform. Userful has the expertise and experience to help guide system assessment, design and deployment for any project worldwide. The entire Userful team is committed to complete customer satisfaction.



Improve collaboration, communication and decision making in Control Rooms, Operation Rooms and Command Centers

Userful is easy-to-use to use software that turns a standard server into a video wall controller that connects to displays over the network.

  • Scalable: Expand your deployment as needed:easily add new inputs and operators ornew screens and video walls.

  • Turnkey: Userful’s video wall controller comes ready to go with software pre-installed on a certified server.

  • Budget Friendly: All the high-end features required for control and command center applications with an affordable price point.

  • Failsafe: In the rare event of a server failure, option for dual controllers eliminates downtime.

  • Secure: Security is paramount in the architectural approach: server resides in a secure location, option to operate with no internet connection and locked down software ensure security and peace of mind.

  • Futureproof: Userful’s cost-effective software support has you covered with comprehensive customer care, regular feature releases and updates.

Key Features

  • Unlimited Sources: Operators can use any source from the network, hard drive, HDMI or SDI capture, desktop apps or they can display as many full screen browsers as needed all running from the Userful server.
  • Custom Configuration: Display multiple simultaneous content sources with maximum flexibility using zones, multi-window and picture-in-picture.
  • Custom Presets: Administrators can preset multiple layouts (using zones, multi-window and picture in picture) and operators can invoke those presets using any device (smartphone, desktop, tablet).
  • Interactivity: Any operator can use a browser (including a smartphone) as the mouse and keyboard controller for the video wall—or for any zone within the video wall.
  • Cloud Managed: Control the entire solution via the cloud. For control rooms with no internet connection, all the management and control features can use the Local Area Network.
  • Desktop Streaming: Operators can easily display their desktops on the video wall using the local area network. For higher resolution use an HDMI connection (up to 4k).

How the Userful Video Wall Solution Works


Why Userful

Userful is a leading software infrastructure company with 1 Million screens deployed worldwide. Providing infrastructure solutions since 2003, Userful has the expertise and experience to help guide system assessment, design and deployment. The entire Userful team is committed to complete customer satisfaction.


Attract Attention, Engage Your Audience, Increase Sales

Synchronize video walls and digital signs and optionally add interactivity for deeper customer engagement.


Userful is a global platform for delivering high impact visual messages across video walls and digital signs

Userful makes it easy to deploy a mix of video walls and digital signs within one building or across multiple locations.

Choose from an on-premise server to directly drive and manage local displays over the network or use Useful Cloud which connects directly with smart displays and eliminates the media players, thin clients, cables, extenders and typically required to deploy digital signs and video walls.


How It Works

Userful’s easy-to-use, browser-managed software delivers eye catching digital signage and video walls with unparalleled performance and flexibility.

Userful’s On Premise solution uses off-the-shelf, standard hardware while Userful Cloud requires no additional onsite hardware and connects to displays directly from the cloud. Either way Userful makes deployment and management simple, and ensures customers don't overpay for proprietary hardware.

Userful delivers maximum content flexibility: virtually any source anywhere on any screen or video wall up to 8k. Deploy a mix of video walls, digital signs and even unique artistic video walls to attract attention, engage an audience, and impress passersby.

All content can be centrally managed through the cloud and both content and layout changes can be scheduled or triggered using Userful’s API. Userful integrates with a variety of Content Management Systems or allows customers to play any content at all using HDMI or SDI capture.


I am really looking forward to doing another one (video wall) and another one and another one.

Brian Duarte
Managing Partner at Smokin' Joe's Pub




On Premise Server option for 8k resolution and 100+ screens

A single standard computer supports 100+ screens per wall over the network.


Hardware free video wall option

Connect smart displays to Userful Cloud for the world’s first hardware free video wall--with an unlimited number of screens.


Unlimited Content Sources

Content from any source: network, hard drive, HDMI capture (including HDCP), desktop streaming, multiple browser sessions and more.


Hardened Security

Architectural approach and locked down software ensures complete security.


Control Presets using a schedule, API or by hand from a phone

Create multiple presets (with different content and video wall layouts) and then invoke them using a schedule, Userful's API or a smart phone.


Artistic Layouts

Rotate individual screens 360°, place displays anywhere on the visual canvas, mix and match display sizes and resolutions.


Cloud Management

Manage, control and monitor your video wall deployments from anywhere in the world. Schedule content changes, upload content, interact with the video wall remotely.


Zones, Multi-Window, Picture in Picture

Userful gives maximum flexibility for displaying multiple simultaneous sources in any configuration.


The system is lightning fast to setup. What would have taken 1-2 days with our previous solutions took about 1 hour.

Warren Bowles
Executive Director of PSL


Learn How Easy It Is to Set up a Video Wall with Userful



Very pleased with the Userful solution, which has delivered as promised..and far easier to maintain and operate.

Nick Thrasher
Media Specialist at NNA



Artistic or Mosiac-Style Video Wall

Userful offers artistic or mosaic-style video walls that are stunning in appearance, work with any display, support 4k, 6k or 8k source content, and can be setup in a fraction of the time and cost of competitive solutions.

Userful has 3 key advantages over competitive artistic or mosaic-style video wall solution

Use any display 

From a commercial digital sign to a TV to a computer monitor. More importantly: customers can even mix and match different types and sizes of displays for a truly unique video wall.

Intermix different sizes and angles

Any individual screen can be rotated to any angle 360 degrees. While other solutions require the customer to rotate the entire video wall image, Userful allows rotation of individual displays giving true flexibility. And yes, it still supports 4k, 6k or even 8k source content.

A fraction the complexity, time and cost

Why? No proprietary hardware is required, just a PC, displays and zero client devices from the vendors you are already comfortable with. Pixel perfect calibration can be achieved in minutes via our revolutionary browser based interactive setup tool. Literally any content including real time content can be output to the display. Wondering just how much you’ll save?

Userful Network Video Wall turns a standard PC (Core i7) into a video wall server which can sit anywhere on the network and deliver just about any content onto up to 40 or even 60 total displays rotated to any angle and placed anywhere on the image canvas for a stunning and unique artistic look.

  • Video walls can be arranged in any orientation, allowing for traditional matrix grid style layouts or eye-catching, free flowing artistic layouts.

  • Display HTML5, Flash, 3D, Web GL, 4k video, RTSP, Live TV, Full Screen Browser, Computer desktops and more. Optionally add one or more HDMI capture cards, allowing input of just about any source content.


Dashboards, Meeting Rooms & Team Collaboration

Motivate your company, empower your team and improve decision making with real time data and information.


How It Works

Userful's software takes an off-the-shelf PC and turns it into a high-end video wall controller. It includes all the key features to quickly and easily control and display multiple content sources on the video wall in a flexible way. Manage and control the solution through the cloud or for sites with no internet connection, using the Local Area Network (LAN).

All the high end features needed for every office application from meeting and board rooms to collaboration walls, KPI dashboards, internal communications, customer presentation rooms and more.




Easily display content from variety of sources

Zones, multi window and and picture-in-picture make it easy to display multiple desktops, dashboards and other sources.


Eye catching artistic layouts for your lobby

Create one of a kind video walls that enhance your lobby and greet your customers.


Collaborative tools

Enable multiple team members to control mouse and keyboard of the video wall for easy collaboration.


Desktop Sharing

Quickly and easily connect one or more laptops or desktops from anywhere in the office.


Cloud Management

Central control across multiple offices via cloud or local control at the video wall itself.


Multiple use cases from same system

Deploy individual displays, digital signs, dashboards and video walls throughout the office all from the same PC.


Automated Failover

In the rare event of a hardware failure, option for dual controllers prevents downtime.


Hardened Security

Architectural approach, ability to set PC/Server in secure location, and fully locked down software ensure security and peace of mind.


"What I like about Userful is that not only did it fulfil all our requirements but it did so at a great price."

Ajoy Bhattacharya
Senior Director of Innovation and New Tech


Huddle Rooms

Empower your team with easy to use tools collaboration for small group spaces.



Meeting and conference rooms

Empower business leaders with the tools to share their ideas clearly and easily.



Video Walls to Greet Your Customers

Eye catching artistic video walls help deliver your message and promote your brand and products when visitors come on site.



Corporate Communication

Digital signage is a proven way to engage an audience and deliver a message. Use displays or video walls to help communicate, inform and motivate your team.



Learn how easy it is to set up an office video wall with Userful


“We are very happy with the product, easy to use and manage and very price-competitive...Plus it is a very 'set it and forget it', hands-off solution”

Stephen Lee
Vice President of Tuck Technologies


Userful On-Premise Software

Userful offers the following software on a perpetual license basis

Userful On-Premise Standard Software

  • Stand alone digital signage displays
  • 2×2 and 3×3 video wall (single source, landscape only)
  • Source Switcher
  • Mirror Group Configuration
  • Desktop Streaming
  • Includes Zero Client Receiver

Userful On-Premise Professional+ Software

  • Stand alone digital signage displays
  • 2×2 and 3×3 video wall (single source, landscape only)
  • Source Switcher
  • Mirror Group Configuration
  • Desktop Streaming
  • Includes Zero Client Receiver
  • All grid video walls
  • Free Rotation & Placement *
  • Ad-hoc placement of displays anywhere on canvas
  • Includes Zero Client Receiver
  • Use of max. 6 zones **

Userful On-Premise Enterprise Software

  • Stand alone digital signage displays
  • 2×2 and 3×3 video wall (single source, landscape only)
  • Source Switcher
  • Mirror Group Configuration
  • Desktop Streaming
  • Includes Zero Client Receiver
  • All grid video walls
  • Free Rotation & Placement *
  • Ad-hoc placement of displays anywhere on canvas
  • Includes Zero Client Receiver
  • Unlimited use of multi-window, picture in picture and zones.
  • Interactive Viewer
  • Preset Switcher
  • LED support, minimum 4 licenses per wall
  • Includes Zero Client Receiver

PC & Servers for Userful On-Premise

Userful offers the following PC / Server options with its On-Premise Software Licenses
(Should a customer need a custom PC, contact your Userful representative for the additional fees required.)

Userful Standard Hardware Spec

Userful Certified i7 CPU processor, 32GB RAM, SSD 265GB (Lenovo or HP)

  • 1050 Ti video card
  • 1 Gig Ethernet
  • 4K MiniRec Capture Card

Recommended use

  • Video walls up to 16 displays
  • 5-6x 1080 or 1-2x 4K video sources, 1x 6K video source
  • 1x 4K video capture

Userful Professional+ Hardware Spec

Userful Certified 6-Core Xeon CPU processor, 32GB RAM, SSD 265GB (Lenovo or HP)

  • GTX1080 Ti or RTX2080 video card
  • 10 Gig Ethernet
  • 8 HDMI capture ports

Recommended use

  • Video walls up to 24 displays
  • 5-6x 1080 or 1-2x 4K video sources, 1x 6K video source
  • Browser sources, some Multi-Window/Picture-in-Picture
  • 8x 1080 video capture
  • Rack-mountable

Userful Enterprise Hardware Spec

Userful Certified 8-Core Xeon CPU processor, 64GB RAM , 1TB SSD (Lenovo or HP)

  • GTX1080 Ti or RTX2080 video card
  • 10 Gig Ethernet
  • 16 HDMI capture ports
  • Rack mount kit included

Recommended use

  • Video walls up to 100 displays
  • 14-16x 1080, 2-3x 4K, 6K or 8K content
  • Multiple browser sources, heavy Multi-Window/ Picture-in-Picture
  • 16x 1080p video capture
  • Rack-mountable

Add-on Modules for Userful On-Premise

Userful offers the following modules in conjunction with its Software Licenses

Management Module (subscription)

Optional add on to accompany any of the three Licenses above

  • Light CMS features: Scheduling and Centralized content management
  • Preset switcher
  • Interactive viewer
  • Cloud based access to Userful’s management tools



Command and Control Module (available March, 2019)

Only available in conjunction with Enterprise licenses

  • Advanced interface for control room operators
  • Real-time interactive drag’n’drop control of unlimited sources and unlimited operators

Support & Maintenance for Userful On-Premise

Userful offers the following modules in conjunction with its Software Licenses

Standard Support & Maintenance

  • Software updates and upgrades
  • Email Support (Web Form for ticket submission; UCC trouble report)
  • 48 Hour Ticket Response (Mon-Fri)
  • Cloud based managment tools for multi-location support including server status, alerts, diagnostics
  • API available contact Userful for pricing

Gold Support & Maintenance

  • Software updates and upgrades
  • Email Support (Web Form for ticket submission; UCC trouble report)
  • 48 Hour Ticket Response (Mon-Fri)
  • Cloud based managment tools for multi-location support including server status, alerts, diagnostics
  • API available contact Userful for pricing
  • Remote Setup and Training
  • Telephone Support
  • 24 Hour Ticket Response (Mon-Fri)
  • Priority ticket support
  • Support for offline systems (ie. no internet connection)
  • Support for automated failover
  • Tools for remote support (eg. web cam)
  • API Access ***

    * Supports any angle rotation of a video wall or individual displays within a video wall for artistic layouts
  ** To maximize effectiveness of zones use preset switcher or scheduling both available in Management Module
*** API Access is available as part of Gold Maintenance and Support, however the annual fee for access to developer support is $2000 per year. This is not required to use the API, but is required for anyone actively developing for the API or needing support or assistance working through any problems encountered while working with the API.